Hospital Doors: Specifications, Types, And Purpose

Hospital doors sliding.

Hospital entrance doors are one of the first things people notice when they enter a hospital. Based on its appearance, convenience, and hospital door specifications, we can get the first impression of what this hospital is about, also its attitude towards visitors, as the door should be equally convenient for everyone. Therefore, the search for suitable doors for healthcare should be paid special attention.

Hospital Automatic Doors

Healthcare doors are a lot different from the more common home or commercial counterparts. As here many factors must be taken into account, since people may come to hospitals with various problems, and some of them may even have difficulties with movement. Thus, it is a key thing for hospital doors to meet industry standards and be comfortable. And hospital automatic doors are the best option for such a purpose.

Why preferable Automatic Doors?

This type of door allows people to come in without any trouble and also makes things easier for the employees, as hospital front doors that can open automatically expand the infrastructure capabilities of the hospital. With the installation of such a type of door, people can easily enter without assistance, so employees do not have to leave their posts.

Types Of Hospital Doors: Their Features & Purpose

There are different types of hospital doors, which may differ in style and features. For entrance, the best option would be an automatic operation mechanism, which makes such hospital doors the most suitable. Because of The main types are swing and sliding hospital doors.

Hospital Swing Doors

Hospital swing doors are one of the most common options. Such a door opens traditionally, but in automatic mode, which is convenient for many people, as no effort is needed to open it. Apart from the entrance, this type is also often used as hospital corridor doors.

Sliding Hospital Doors

Healthcare sliding doors are also a popular option, especially for entrances. Such a door moves around on the sides, which provides more space. Besides that, this type often includes healthcare barn doors, as well as hospital glass doors since in many cases the doors can be made of glass for better visibility and transparency.

Safety First

Hospital doors are not only about accessibility for people but also about safety. As there is always a risk of emergencies, and there may be people in the hospital who cannot help themselves, the safety of the door is a crucial thing. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that the door is equipped with some protective and resistant features. 

Depending on the occasion, and also the purpose of the door, it may include smoke protection (hospital fire doors), a self-closing mechanism (automatic fire doors in healthcare facilities), lead cladding (X-ray rooms), or extra space for specialized medical purposes.


Since hospitals are part of the healthcare system, there are many legal requirements hospitals should be complied with. Therefore, it is worth installing only certified doors that meet industry standards (AAADM), which helps to make everything safe and also avoid fines.

Because of the high importance of 24/7 easy access, there is a need for qualified maintenance and on-time repair of automatic doors in healthcare clinics.

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