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Many types of doors are adapted to the needs of customers with the help of the installed design of hydraulic door closers. Each of the options can be broken for a number of reasons. As we know how important time, comfort and money are for our customers, our craftsmen take care of your doors at the highest level with convenience for you. We are experts in door closer repair in Toronto, alsooffering  maintenance and adjustment.

Purpose and characteristics of the commercial door closer

This item is designed for easier use of the door. This will make it easier and more comfortable for you to open and walk through the door. It is often used in municipal premises such as schools, hospitals and kindergartens, as well as in enterprises, small businesses and offices. The popularity of these systems is due to the fact that they can be installed on both newly planned and old doors. When choosing a commercial door closer, you need to pay attention to the following features: 

  • Whether you are upgrading or replacing doors 
  • Purpose of doors, interior or exterior doors 
  • Frequency of door use 
  • The established budget 
  • Design wishes

Therefore, depending on the above criteria, you will be offered one of the following types of commercial door closer: 

  • Mounted on top 
  • Ordinary container installed on the outside 
  • Parallel handle 
  • Hidden Concealed, floor-spring system

Common Commercial Door Closer Repair Services

We work with experienced specialists and modern tools for fixing all kinds of doors or replacing all broken parts, including handles, hinges, remote sensors and automatic systems to ensure their proper functioning in any circumstances.

  • Commercial Door Hinge Repair & Replacement
  • Commercial Door Closer Repair
  • Commercial Door Push Bar Repair

Commercial door closer service

Any mechanism and its parts wear out over time, are damaged and will need repair as well as maintenance during use. The same happens with door closers. We have been dealing with commercial door closer repairs for a long time, so we know the types of breakdowns that most often occur and need door closer repair. So usually door closers have problems when: 

  • Wrong types of door closers were used. For example, for heavy doors it is necessary to install strong closers, because if you use lighter ones they will wear out faster. However, in such a situation, not only the closer but also the safety of the door can suffer. 
  • Incorrectly configured door closers. For this reason, they sell as door closers, due to too much load and the door frame, due to the smoothness of their geometries.
  • Broken seals and insufficient oil level. Violation of sealing leads to oil leakage and vulnerability of the device. Therefore, the mechanical system of the commercial door closer will need repair.
  • The door does not lock. This is dangerous both for your system and for security of the door.

If you recognize one of the listed cases or have any other problems with your system, you should immediately contact our service for door closer repair in Toronto. You should not wait too long, as timely made, high-quality repair guarantees that: 

  • The service life of the closers will be extended.
  • Extension of service life of doors.
  • Door closers work better.
  • The door moves and opens as it should.
  • The closer and the door will not need to be replaced.

Installation of commercial door closer

If you need to install commercial door closer products you should contact special door closer repair services and they will send you the equipment. This will provide you with quality services. However, before installing this system, you will need to perform some preparatory steps. If you do not want to perform these steps on your own, our door closer repair in Toronto can help you with them too. The preparatory steps include: 

  1. Choose the closer that is perfect for your door. 
  2. Prepare the door and door frame before installing the closer. 
  3. Check the serviceability of the directory. 
  4. Install the necessary fittings and parts on the door frame and door.
  5. Lock the directory system.

When it is necessary to replace the door closer

Often, mechanical problems with the commercial door closer begin due to depressurization of the seal. As a result, the hydraulic liquid escapes, which contributes to the accumulation of dirt on the closers, doors and floor in the future, the parts begin to work poorly and the door might not open and close properly. Doors and floors can get dirty and lose their aesthetic appearance. Another reason is the failure of the main spring. There are also other problems, but ignoring the need to eliminate them leads to the need to disable both the closer and the door, because the door simply will not be able to move and open. This blockage will endanger the safety of your business. Therefore in such cases you should contact our door closer repair in Toronto to get help and professional advice.

To replace the door closer the following steps are necessary: 

  1. Dismantle the door frame mounting. 
  2. Check the fit of the door and frame. 
  3. Find out how the closer is fixed on the door and frame. 
  4. Remove the closer.
  5. Check if it has sense to perform a door closer repair
  6. Do the door closer repair or communicate with services that provide door closer repair in Toronto
  7. Repair or prepare a replacement for the failed part.
  8. Fix the door and adjust all parts, so that the gaps between the door and the frame are even.
  9. Carry out the procedure of installing the closer.

If there is a need for a more comprehensive situation or maintenance, we advise you to contact our specialists for door closer repair in Toronto. They have been providing door services for a long time. We are always happy to help our customers ensure the reliability of the door and especially door closer repair services.

Commercial Door Closer Repair in GTA

We do not work exclusively with customers located in Toronto. All commercial property owners in the Greater Toronto Area should consider hiring us for their commercial doors and windows repair, installation or replacement as well. You can call us and get high-quality service for an affordable price no matter where exactly you are located and what kind of building you are running. Our skillful professionals can help you to deal with all kinds of commercial door issues and handle the transporting of all necessary materials, including aluminum doors, wooden elements and heavy glass for a commercial door repair or replacement. 

We realize that time efficiency is crucial for our customers, especially if they are looking for emergency repair, that is why reacting fast is our top priority. Regardless of whether you are in the center of Toronto or further in the Greater Toronto Area, we will meet your request as fast as possible to ensure that your building goes back into the business without any unwanted delay. Call us to work with office buildings, restaurants, hotels or any kind of commercial building in the Greater Toronto Area and we will make sure that all your entrances are safe, convenient and energy-efficient.

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