Commercial Door Hardware Toronto

Commercial Door Repair Toronto offers a variety of commercial door hardware!

Commercial door hardware parts repair and replacement services are needed as broken doors require new hinges, pivots, handles, closers, push paddles, panic bars. All these parts should be in order because they ensure the security of your building. When you leave your commercial facility, you want it to be protected and secure, and that’s why you need our services to fix any issues with the door hardware.

Our commercial doors hardware is top quality and is suitable for all types of commercial openings which includes, mortise locks, exit panic hardware, door closers and cylindrical lever locks. It is designed for your security and safety.


12 GA., 14 GA., 16 GA, OR 18 GA.: Abbreviation for the steel gauge of a frame and/or door.

161 PREP: 2-1/8″ Cutout (or hole) in a door for Bored/Cylindrical locksets.

86 EDGE PREP: 8″ Cutout in the edge of a door for mortise lock.

You might be perplexed with all these abbreviations. And indeed, they are quite confusing but not for our technicians. They are true professionals of high-quality door hardware services at any type of commercial property.

Reliable Commercial Door Hardware Services

Door closers, door alarms, panic bars or hinges are an indispensable element which secures proper functioning of any door. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to mechanical and wear-and -tear damages and require some expert services.

Our company has a vast experience with door hardware installation at the office and industrial buildings in Toronto and the Great Toronto Area. Our professionals can quickly source and mount the required commercial door repair parts. We can find quality spare parts for all types of doors, from wood to aluminum. Even if your doors are not brand new ones, we are the experts of sourcing and installation of commercial door replacement parts.

Why Choose Our Company?

  • We thoroughly check the quality of all the accessories we use for repair and replacement services.
  • We strive to deliver not only excellent but also affordable assistance, so our commercial door hardware services won’t cost you a fortune.
  • As door hardware plays an important role in the security of your office or shop, we fix it very fast and in emergency situations.
  • We deliver services 24/7 to restore security of your facility.
  • In addition, all the door accessories are covered with a 1-year warranty after we install door hardware.

Should you need door hardware repair, call us and our specialists will prepare a free quote for you. Enjoy your secure doors with us!

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