Commercial Fire Rated Windows Toronto

Commercial fire rated glass is a product which effectively prevents the spread of fire in various properties as prescribed by a building code. We have a wide range of fire rated windows  such as integrity, integrity with partial insulation, and integrity and insulation ones. Our windows are available in a fixed welded window frame as well as knock down steel frames which can be set into any custom size and shape as done by our installers. 

The fire rated window meets all building code requirements and features a sleek design. They are also convenient for older buildings that need to be updated for code stipulations.

All the windows are thoroughly tested for their fire and thermal resistance. Our windows operate well under challenging temperature conditions as they are made of steel. This material, unlike wood, aluminum, or vinyl, is less susceptible to thermal shock and operates better.

Our windows are produced with attention to the environment and are made of sustainable materials. Frames are made of recycled steel to reduce ecological footprint. 

Our fire rated windows can be used both for internal and external locations. 

We Provide a Wide Range of Fire Rated Window Services

Our company offers professional services of selling, installation, and repair of different fireproof and heat retardant windows. We help businesses in Toronto and the GTA to comply with the existing fire regulations and codes.

Our technicians repair fire rated glass for many years. Thanks to this and our vast experience with codes and regulations for this glazing, we deliver the optimal solution for your property. We ensure reliable, fast, and affordable assistance so that you can get the required certification and enjoy safely operating property. We can also customize windows according to your specific preferences and needs.

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