How To Adjust Hydraulic Door Closer: Tension And Speed Regulation

How To Adjust Hydraulic Door Closer.

Adjusting the hydraulic door closer with its speed and tension regulations can prevent slamming the door. Troubleshooting the hydraulic door closer issues. What Is The Hydraulic Door Closer? Before learning how to adjust the door closer and considering the steps you should follow to make it, it is worth first understanding what a hydraulic door […]

Top 6 Problems With Automatic Doors

Problems With Automatic Doors.

Common problems with commercial automatic doors and the small tips on troubleshooting. Diagnose the door issues and call the professionals for repair. Common Problems Of Automatic Doors Even though an automatic door mechanism is reliable and durable, problems with automatic doors can always arise due to a variety of factors, both external and mechanical. Some […]

Types Of Windows For Commercial Buildings: Their Features, Pros And Cons

Curtain wall on commercial building.

Windows in buildings not only allow sunlight to enter but are also a great decorative element and often provide additional benefits. Today, most commercial buildings use glass facades and modern architectural styles, which give the building an attractive appearance and add another great building to the city. Windows come in many types. Some of the […]

Types Of Door Hinges: What You Need To Know To Choose The Best Suitable Option

Type of the metal door hinge.

The door hinge is a small and often invisible detail, but its value cannot be overestimated. There are various types of door hinges, which have their unique features, designs, and cases of use, but all of these have one common goal: ensure that your doors are held securely, thereby making them convenient and safe. What […]

Hospital Doors: Specifications, Types, And Purpose

Hospital doors sliding.

Hospital entrance doors are one of the first things people notice when they enter a hospital. Based on its appearance, convenience, and hospital door specifications, we can get the first impression of what this hospital is about, also its attitude towards visitors, as the door should be equally convenient for everyone. Therefore, the search for […]

How Automatic Doors Work: Their Mechanism, Types And Purpose

Automatic doors sliding type.

Automatic doors are perhaps one of the most convenient inventions we face every day. As such a small thing at first sight actually significantly simplifies our life, especially when our hands are busy, thus opening the doors in such a case becomes a real challenge. Today, automatic doors have become a routine. Malls, offices, or […]

Caulking Vs Silicone: Their Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

Caulk Vs Silicone.

Sealants are a truly necessary thing when performing various works in construction related to joints and gaps. With these, we can significantly minimize many risks and prevent water and air from getting into places where they may damage the integrity and safety of the structure of the object. Caulk Vs Silicone: Which One To Choose? […]