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At Commercial Door Repair we are experts at installing or repairing commercial steel doors, we offer reliable and quick services.

Commercial steel doors are great for any commercial building properties. These doors give a great barrier are secure and fire rated, which adds safety to your employees, yourself and business units.
Any business requires having these types of doors installed at their location, to hold back smoke from spreading if fire occurs. It is always better to stay safe.

Steel Doors are popular because they’re:

  • Durable to save you money on future repairs
  • Meet Fire Code requirements
  • Provide added security where needed
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain

Common Steel Doors Repair Services

We can fix your doors, no matter what the issue is, starting from washing off water-proof paint and finishing with replacing old and worn-off parts. We help you find the problem and tackle it as quickly as possible.

We Provide a Wide Range of Commercial Metal Doors Repair Services in Toronto

Our company provides a full scope of services that you may need when commercially replacing the door in Toronto or the Greater Toronto area. Our specialists can effectively fix any types of breakdowns and ensure high-quality services for commercial metal door repair. If necessary, we can also help with the installation of the new steel doors.
Our pros will quickly and efficiently assist with:

  • Replacement of metal doors
  • Steel door frames renewing
  • Solving issues with accessories for metal doors, namely
  • Correction of jambs
  • Fixing damage to locks
  • Replacement or repair of the latch
  • Repair of the door closer
  • Fixing or replacing door hinges
  • Control systems of hollow metal doors

Our company cares about our reputation and strives to provide the best service when installing commercial metal doors. That’s why we thoroughly check the quality and durability of all materials and mechanisms we use to repair steel doors.You do not need to worry because the doors that we install are reliable, resistant to vandalism, and will protect your business from heat loss. We are also consulting about steel door repairs in commercial buildings and will provide you with a free quote for your property.

Commercial repair of metal doors

It is very important for offices, shops, and shopping centers to ensure security and reliability. Steel doors cope well with such tasks. So you can be sure about the safety of your business, because if you use a metal door, it will be protected from smoke and fire. As mentioned, hollow metal doors are durable and have benefits in many respects in comparison to their counterparts made from different materials.

Frequent problems with metal doors

As with any subject, metal doors tend to have some problems. Namely, the following:

  1. Prone to deformation. If the building undergoes changes. or its integrity changes, it may happen that the load on your walls will increase. Therefore, you will need to replace the doors, as there will be problems with their operation.
  2. Some components might wear out over time. Some parts such as hinges, jambs, locks can wear out. However this is typical of other types of doors as well. However, it does not guarantee that they will need to be repaired from time to time.
  3. Problems with the lock. This problem is also common for any type of door. However, it still creates great discomfort to get inside or outside the building, so it is necessary to repair the lock of your hollow metal door as soon as the problem appears.

By contacting our team, you will be able to not only eliminate the consequences, but also get help in preventing potential problems with your steel doors. Often breakdowns which are noticed or reported too late can lead to severe deformation and damage to the metal door itself. In this case, your door loses reliability and security, and the cost of solving this issue will be much more expensive. Therefore, you should be attentive, troubleshoot any suspicious issue with your hollow metal door immediately, and contact professionals for commercial metal door repair on time.

In case you need fast and reliable assistance to fix your hollow metal door issues of any complexity, contact our company and enjoy your perfectly functioning doors at your business or industrial facility!

Commercial Steel Doors Repair in GTA

We do not work exclusively with customers located in Toronto. All commercial property owners in the Greater Toronto Area should consider hiring us for their commercial doors and windows repair, installation or replacement as well. You can call us and get high-quality service for an affordable price no matter where exactly you are located and what kind of building you are running. Our skillful professionals can help you to deal with all kinds of commercial door issues and handle the transporting of all necessary materials, including aluminum doors, wooden elements and heavy glass for a commercial door repair or replacement. 

We realize that time efficiency is crucial for our customers, especially if they are looking for emergency repair, that is why reacting fast is our top priority. Regardless of whether you are in the center of Toronto or further in the Greater Toronto Area, we will meet your request as fast as possible to ensure that your building goes back into the business without any unwanted delay. Call us to work with office buildings, restaurants, hotels or any kind of commercial building in the Greater Toronto Area and we will make sure that all your entrances are safe, convenient and energy-efficient.

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