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Standing in front of the office, unable to open it because of the rusted lock? Or have you discovered suspicious graffiti? Or perhaps somebody has broken into your property, and its entrance should be fixed asap? These and other unpleasing situations might happen at any moment.

Get a reliable emergency door repair service by hiring skilled technicians with significant experience in solving such problems. Our team provides a wide range of assistance in case of break-in repairs, vandalism, lock and hinges troubles, broken spring, and many more!


No matter what the issue is, your problem can be fixed in a fast and efficient way. Request for service and get the help you need from certified technicians.

Our Emergency Door Repair Services

We provide a wide array of professional emergency door repair services and can quickly and efficiently solve the most frequent issues with all types of broken doors. Our company repairs all door-related issues at companies and offices of all types and sizes. Count on us if you need:

  • Emergency door repair & installation;
  • Replacement services;
  • Install or repair hinges;
  • Emergency frame repair.

Fast Assistance In Emergency Situations

Speed is a top priority in our job. We provide emergency door services 24/7, that’s why once you have trouble, our team will soon arrive and fix the problem. The whole process from calling us to repair may take from 30 min up to 3 hours. 

We know how valuable is time in business, thus we want our clients to get professional assistance as fast as possible, no matter the problem there can be: damages, vandalism, break-ins, wear and tear of the compounds, etc.

When needed for emergency commercial door repair in Toronto & GTA, You can count on us!


It is not the most common issue. However, sometimes you may see unwanted graffiti or damaged elements (frames, locks, or handles).

Our emergency door repair technicians can replace a broken door or its components so quickly that no one will even notice that there was graffiti or any damage because of vandalism.


If you noticed that someone attempted to break into your property or the entrance was already broken when you arrived and something was stolen, the best way is to consider a door or lock replacement to improve the security of your premises.

With our emergency door repair service, you will get an optimal solution to guarantee your safety by mounting a new security mechanism or making a replacement.

Rust, Wear and Tear

Just like with any other items, commercial and industrial doors may also wore-out with some time, especially if they are exposed to temperature changes, strong winds, humidity, and direct sunlight.

We can quickly fix rusted or broken elements such as hinges or rollers to ensure the door is safe and works properly.

Frame repair

Broken frames might need to be repaired or renewed after serving for quite some time, as cracks or splits can appear. Contact us if you notice any damage and our team will quickly fix or replace the old frame.

Locksmithing Services

The stuck key, frozen or compromised lock, all of these may become a problem if you can not get into your business or office building on time. Search for an “emergency door repair near me”, and our team will arrive asap to unblock your lock or replace it without wasting time.

Local Emergency Door Repair in Toronto & GTA

We are an experienced emergency service provider with top skills in fixing broken doors and frames in commercial buildings of all types and sizes. Our company lends optimal solutions 24/7 in Toronto and the surrounding area. That’s why you can always be sure to get professional assistance from 30 min up to 2 hours (outside of GTA). If there is any problem with your door, contact us, and our specialist will solve the issue fast and efficiently.

Professional Technicians on Door Repairs at Affordable Price

If you are our customer, your time is our top priority. With a great experience in the commercial door repair industry, we know how to quickly fix and replace broken components and accomplish the task without taking your time or causing discomfort to your clients.  

Our team has all the necessary skills and equipment to make the job fast and guarantee the best result for a reasonable price.

When you notice something is wrong, contact our emergency door repair (Toronto & GTA) company, and be sure the door will be fixed soon and its components will be working properly and safely!


How to find an emergency door repair service near me?

We are not that far away. When you need assistance you can find CDRT on the map, or contact us via the website. We provide reliable repair services in Toronto and the surroundings (GTA), so you can be sure to get help asap.     

Can you repair broken commercial door springs?

Yes. Our technician will make a diagnostic and replace the broken springs. Also, we conduct a complete check to ensure everything works properly and safely.  

How fast the technician can fix my commercial door?

Based on the issue, the expected time may vary. Typically, the process may take between 30 minutes to an hour.

Can I book the same-day commercial door repair services?

Yes. We provide 24/7 emergency door repair service, so once you notice a problem contact us and you can be sure to get assistance within 30 minutes (in Toronto) or a bit longer (GTA).

Commercial Emergency Door Repair in GTA

We do not work exclusively with customers located in Toronto. All commercial property owners in the Greater Toronto Area should consider hiring us for their commercial doors and windows repair, installation or replacement as well. You can call us and get high-quality service for an affordable price no matter where exactly you are located and what kind of building you are running. Our skillful professionals can help you to deal with all kinds of commercial door issues and handle the transporting of all necessary materials, including aluminum doors, wooden elements and heavy glass for a commercial door repair or replacement. 

We realize that time efficiency is crucial for our customers, especially if they are looking for emergency repair, that is why reacting fast is our top priority. Regardless of whether you are in the center of Toronto or further in the Greater Toronto Area, we will meet your request as fast as possible to ensure that your building goes back into the business without any unwanted delay. Call us to work with office buildings, restaurants, hotels or any kind of commercial building in the Greater Toronto Area and we will make sure that all your entrances are safe, convenient and energy-efficient.

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