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Standing in front of your office unable to open it because of the rusted door lock? Or have you discovered your door decorated with suspicious graffiti? Or perhaps somebody has broken into your property and its entrance should be fixed asap? These and other emergency door situations might happen at any moment. However strong the doors of your office might seem, they can be worn out over time or damaged in unpredicted moments and require prompt emergency door repair.

But no need to worry in these emergency door situations. We offer quick and reliable emergency door repair services 24/7. Our qualified technicians will find efficient solutions for professional emergency door fix in case of vandalism, break-in, problems with door lock and closer, and many more.

Common Emergency Commercial Door Repair Services

We can fix your doors, no matter what the issue is, starting from washing off water-proof paint and finishing with replacing old and worn-off parts. We help you find the problem and tackle it as quickly as possible.

Our Emergency Door Repair Services

We provide a wide array of professional emergency door repair services and can quickly and efficiently solve the most frequent issues with all types of broken doors. Our company repairs all the door-related issues at the companies and offices of all types and sizes. Count on us if you need:

  • emergency door repair;
  • emergency door installation;
  • replacement of doors;
  • install or repair door hinges;
  • door frame repair.

Fast Assistance In Emergency Situations

We take action for emergency door repair immediately after you contact us. The ETA of our technician to any location in Toronto is about 30 minutes. For the larger Toronto area, arrival times of our professionals will be different.

Once on spot, a professional technician will check the emergency door situation and propose the optimal solution to solve it as well as to customize an emergency door repair service for your business. The technician will have the required instruments and materials to perform the task in no time so that you can enjoy your work at the office with the least inconveniences and have a quickly repaired door.

Our professionals can quickly and efficiently fix the damages which were caused by vandalism, break-ins, wear and tear of the door compounds, etc. Whenever you need professional, fast, and reliable emergency door repair, count on us.


If you found the door of your office illustrated by graffiti artists, you might be willing to get rid of this art creation and restore the original look of your entrance. If the vandals break doors themselves, leave behind broken door frames, locks or handles, it would pose a problem too. But no matter how big the damage is. Our professionals can replace the entire broken door or its components so fast that nobody will even notice that the graffiti was there or that any vandals damaged your property.

Break-Ins And Attempt of Them

If you arrive one morning to your office and notice a broken or damaged entrance and missing objects, it might mean that somebody has broken into your building. However sad it might be, break-ins happen every now and then in Toronto and the surrounding area. If you suspect that somebody tried to break in, you should consider door or lock replacement for the improved security of your premises. Our team will provide you with an optimal solution for emergency door repair to mount a door with a secure door mechanism and replace the kicked in door.

Rust, Wear, and Tear

The manufacturers provide quite a long warranty for the doors. However, as with any other item, they are susceptible to wear and tear damage, especially if they are exposed to the influence of extreme temperature changes, strong winds, humidity, and direct sunlight. Our specialists can quickly fix rusted or worn out elements such as hinges or rollers to provide an inexpensive yet reliable solution for emergency door repair optimally suited for the particular situation. If needed, they can replace the whole broken door.

Repairs Of Door Frames

Broken door frames might need to be repaired or renewed after they serve for quite some time and they crack or split. If you notice these or other damages in your door frames, no need to panic. Call us and our specialists will secure the best emergency door solution in order to fix your broken door frame.

Locksmithing Services

Our firm is a reliable partner when it comes to locksmithing. Our highly-skilled and experienced locksmiths are available 24/7 and can assist you with the key stuck in the door, forgotten door key, or a frozen door lock. If you can not get into your business or office building and search for a “locksmith near me”, stop spending your time on google search. Just give us a call and our locksmiths will come to your rescue to unblock your lock or change it should this be necessary.

Emergency Commercial Door Repairs

Our team is skilled and experienced in fixing broken doors and door frames in commercial buildings of all types and sizes. Whether a door malfunctions or is damaged in your office or industrial facility, we can deal with it in no time.

Toronto and Greater Toronto Area

Our company lends top-grade emergency door service in Toronto and the surrounding area. As a rule, our emergency door technicians can reach businesses of the GTA situated here within half an hour. Businesses outside of GTA would have to wait a bit longer than 30 minutes before our specialist arrives.

If you have any questions about our door repair and replacement assistance or emergency service, call  our company and we will be pleased to help you.

Commercial Emergency Door Repair in GTA

We do not work exclusively with customers located in Toronto. All commercial property owners in the Greater Toronto Area should consider hiring us for their commercial doors and windows repair, installation or replacement as well. You can call us and get high-quality service for an affordable price no matter where exactly you are located and what kind of building you are running. Our skillful professionals can help you to deal with all kinds of commercial door issues and handle the transporting of all necessary materials, including aluminum doors, wooden elements and heavy glass for a commercial door repair or replacement. 

We realize that time efficiency is crucial for our customers, especially if they are looking for emergency repair, that is why reacting fast is our top priority. Regardless of whether you are in the center of Toronto or further in the Greater Toronto Area, we will meet your request as fast as possible to ensure that your building goes back into the business without any unwanted delay. Call us to work with office buildings, restaurants, hotels or any kind of commercial building in the Greater Toronto Area and we will make sure that all your entrances are safe, convenient and energy-efficient.

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