How Automatic Doors Work: Their Mechanism, Types And Purpose

Automatic doors sliding type.

Automatic doors are perhaps one of the most convenient inventions we face every day. As such a small thing at first sight actually significantly simplifies our life, especially when our hands are busy, thus opening the doors in such a case becomes a real challenge.

Today, automatic doors have become a routine. Malls, offices, or hotels are often equipped with a mechanism that makes our movements as convenient, smooth, and easy as possible. The key benefit of automatic doors is that we essentially “erase” the walls and just pass through like there are no obstacles in front of us.

When it comes to buildings with crowds, automatic doors show their best side, by being an excellent additional option that provides better security, unhindered entry and exit, and also makes it much more convenient for people, as all they need is to come closer and then sesame will open!

Let’s look at some of the main things related to automatic doors, their mechanism and pros.

What Is The Mechanism?

Automatic sliding doors are a handy thing, the mechanism of which is not very special or complicated. However, different technologies may be applied, so each door can have its own mechanism. Some of the most popular include:


For the automatic doors pressure sensors are often used, which are usually placed in front of the door. When a person approaches the door, the sensor detects pressure changes and sends a signal to open the door.

Motion detection

Besides pressure sensors, motion detection sensors are also used to operate automatic doors. The most popular options for motion detection are microwave pulses and passive infrared sensors that allow the door to detect movement.

In the first case, motion sensors send waves that are reflected from objects, and when the object’s position in space changes, the sensor receives information about the moving body. In the case of passive infrared sensors, temperature changes are used to detect the warmth of people’s bodies. Both of these sensors are widely used, however microwave sensors cover a larger area, and thus they are more expensive.

Control systems

Another type of automatic sliding door mechanism is the access control system and video intercom.

With access control technology, the door is not opened by motion detection or pressure changes, but by receiving a signal from the system. Usually, a key card, or gadgets that are connected to the system, are used to send a signal. 

Such an automatic door opening mechanism is mainly used in apartment and commercial buildings. In this case, automatic doors provide both convenience and security, since the door would open only for authorized persons.

Another benefit is its connection to cloud services. With the access system connected to the cloud, things become easier due to remote access to the system, which makes the processes associated with an automatic sliding door even more convenient.

What Types Of Doors There Are And How Do They Work?

The sliding door mechanism opens the door at the same time it receives a signal from the sensors that someone is about to enter or exit the building. To do this, a mechanism uses an electric motor that drives the door. In case when fixing is needed there are specialized companies that handle automatic door openers repair.

Such a process is applied to different types of automatic doors, the most popular of which are:

  • Sliding. An Automatic sliding door is the most common type. And how do sliding doors work? This type of door is equipped with sensors and installed with rollers that allow the door to be easily opened and closed multiple times, making it great for both entry and exit.
  • Revolving. We can often find this type in shopping malls when the door rotates 360 degrees, which allows for simultaneous entry and exit. Revolving doors are a perfect option for buildings with a large number of visitors.
  • Swinging. Such a door is used for one-way traffic and can be opened in or out.
  • Folding. Most often used for places with limited space, forming a small passageway.

Benefits You Can Get

With an auto door opening mechanism we can make visiting buildings much easier. Key benefits of installing automatic doors include:

Better level of comfort

As an automatic sliding door opens by itself without any human effort, it provides better convenience, especially when our hands are busy.

People Flow Optimization

By automating both entry and exit, we can avoid the problem of large crowds at the entrance, which makes things much easier.

Advanced Security

With access control systems, it becomes possible to eliminate the problem of unauthorized persons passing into the building.

Smooth And Touchless

Automatic doors use a simple mechanism and are easy to install, thus making your building more convenient and safe for people. Anyway, automatic door installation should be entrusted to professionals.

Equipped with a pressure sensor, motion capture sensors, or access control systems, such a door quickly analyzes the surroundings searches for people, and then drives the mechanism in a fraction of a second, which creates an open space in front of a person in which they can easily enter or exit, and this is how automatic doors work, nothing complicated but much comfortable.

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