Commercial Automatic Doors Repair Toronto

Automatic commercial doors can be great for businesses that have a lot of traffic. We recommend revolving doors in many instances which give people a much easier time entering and exiting a building. You can often find revolving doors in places such department stores, apartment buildings, and hotels. Automatic doors are also very energy efficient which only adds to their popularity. Sliding doors and swinging doors are also a popular pick.

We can help you pick an entrance or automatic door that best suits what you’re looking for. We can take care of all of your automatic commercial door repairs and installation. Whether you’re looking for a low maintenance/energy swing door that still meets the minimum in code requirements, or an automatic sliding door, all the way up to a high security revolving door let us help you.

We install, service and repair swinging and sliding automatic doors for all types of applications including…

  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Condo Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Grocery stores
  • Healthcare industry
  • Educational facilities
  • handicap / barrier-free applications

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