Commercial Door Repair in Newmarket





One of our top priorities has always been ensuring that all people can feel comfortable using the entrances, regardless of whether they have any disabilities. Handicap doors should always work well so that those who use wheelchairs face no difficulties. Our skillful staff is great at installing all kinds of gates or doors. With all the experience we have acquired over the years we can now offer more than one way of meeting your requirements. You will be surprised to see how quickly our team reacts to requests and how many questions we can answer.

Keeping automatic openers in good condition is just as crucial as installing them correctly and neglecting the user’s safety can lead to harmful consequences. However, our bright professionals can be trusted with both these tasks. We work with automatic handicap door openers, various wall buttons, all sorts of remote control and sensor devices and make sure that all of the above have been carefully checked before they are utilized. Working with us you can be confident that everything will work well. You can also call us if you would like to check your operators or for any further service.

Emergency Door Repair

One of the issues that may concern you is whether there is a way to handle the doors in case electricity gets cut off. Of course, the inability to leave the building can lead to panic and chaos, so you should always make sure you have a plan B. We recommend installing high-quality backup batteries that eliminate any potential risks and will be happy to help you with it! You should also consider providing regular fire rated door repair and emergency door repair.

If you have faced any other kind of handle opener dysfunction, contact us as well! Our professionals have great experience in dealing with various problems such as window glass repair, keypads, remote control problems or window caulking in Newmarket.

There is always an alternative for those who feel that transmitter or contactless button handicaps are not the ultimate choices. For instance, we also install handicaps with optical and audible signals that have even a wider functionality range. You can improve the level of safety by going further and opting for Built-in LED lighting.

Our Services in Newmarket

Newmarket can provide a lot of various services and options directed at making one’s entrance systems reliable and comfortable in exploitation. Any business will benefit from being accessible for all kinds of people, no matter if they need some extra conveniences or not, because, after all, any experience begins with a door.

When it comes to the safety of your customers of visitors, there is no such thing as an excessive precaution. Invest in keeping your doors in proper condition and you will avoid overpaying in the future.

You have to be absolutely sure that your building is prepared for all kinds of unpleasant surprises such as electricity surges, earthquakes and fires. Proper door systems can be very helpful. It is easy to protect people from unnecessary worries by installing backup batteries that work without electricity if something goes wrong. If you have suffered from vandalism, our emergency door repair can help you too.

Commercial Door Repair & Replacement

The main strategy we apply is combining the two approaches and using both conventional methods and top-notch tools. At Newmarket, we know everything about doors and know how to work with each specific kind. We can clean your door after you have suffered from vandals, change locks completely or partially, change window glass and restore the missing parts. Here are our services:

Commercial Restoring and Repairing Window Glass

Depending on what kind of problem you are dealing with, you might have to fix the window glass or restore it completely – our professionals can conduct both, choosing the right option and offering custom sizes. We only work with sufficient materials so all the windows we install are efficient and water-proof. Newmarket also offers a warranty for all future issues. Our services:

  • Commercial Fire Rated Windows Repair
  • Storefront Repair
  • Emergency Glass Repair

Commercial Caulking Services

Caulking is definitely the best way to protect your building from any excessive humidity and, therefore, from problems such as molding and inner damage. Our professionals do this by carefully taking care of every joint and ensuring that each one is properly sealed.

Door Hardware Repair and Replacement

In case you are looking for a proper door repair service, you need people who know what to do with damaged pivots, closers, handles, bars and hinges. At Newmarket, we can do just that. These small elements are all responsible for the safety of your building and, consequently, have to work well like one organism. We can provide both skilled professionals and state-of-the-art tools to make sure you get the best service. We provide the following services:

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