Fire Rated Doors Toronto

What makes Fire Rated Doors so effective is that they can last a fairly long time when on fire and all office buildings as well as condominiums. There are 90, 45, 60, and 20-minute doors. They can come in steel as well as wood for fire rated doors. All doors are awarded a fire resistant rating which are done after several tests from an agency that ensures all requirements are met. All aspects of the door must include a rating label. The label is placed on the hinge, door panel, and frame to show that requirements have been met. We are more than happy to help our customers with choosing all the appropriate aspects of the fire rated doors depending on our customer’s needs.
In regards to safety, one can never underestimate the importance of fire rated doors. They allow for an appropriate timeframe of letting all occupants time to escape the fire. Fire rated doors are designed to fit into your basement, garage and much more. Some of the fiberglasses styled fire rated doors are far more durable than wood doors. These fire rated doors come in all sorts of designs and sizes. Feel free to contact us today so that our team can help you find the fire rated door that you need both for durability and safety!

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