Commercial Aluminum Door Repair Toronto

At Commercial Door Repair Toronto, we offer multiple commercial aluminum doors installation or repair services.

Aluminum doors are energy efficient, durable, practical and affordable and are most commonly used for commercial buildings.

These doors are thermal and sound insulated which meets present building regulations and offer glazing options of 24mm and 28 mm units.
Ask us about aluminum doors which we always install and maintain to the highest industry standards at business or industrial premises. All of our doors come with maximum security locks, aluminum thresholds, doors closers, and push/pull hardware.

Our specialists also carry pre-hung doors for aluminum doors which are entrance packages that come with pivot sets, and a pair and a half of heavy duty hinges. These aluminum entrance packages are durable for a very long time and work well for locations that deal with a high amount of traffic.

Typical issues with aluminum doors

Aluminium is a quite reliable material which is used to manufacture doors and it is in general less susceptible to damages than wood or iron which might get rotten or rusted. However, even aluminium doors required maintenance, repair or replacement to ensure long service and prevent serious and hence more expensive repairs. Therefore, it’s important to resolve the problems once they appear in order to prevent bigger breakdowns, lower the need to replace expensive parts, and spare maintenance costs.

From our experience in servicing aluminium doors at commercial property, our specialists noticed the following common problems which commercial customers might face:

  • Joint seals on the frame deteriorate.

This is one of the biggest problems with aluminium doors as frame seals are quite a vulnerable element of the doors because they frequently contract and expand. Thus, it’s essential to regularly check out the frame joints for damages. As these parts get broken, the insulation becomes weaker and cold and warm air can escape or enter inside or outside the building. In order to avoid high energy bills, it’s recommended to contact a professional team to control frame joints which will determine if it’s needed to replace them.

  • Problems with locks and latches.

Property managers of most commercial or industrial spaces often overlook these elements of any aluminum door and don’t even think that locks and latches can cause grave and costly problems. However, these elements can lead to difficulties with locking and closing of a door. This happens when dirt is accumulated around latches or locks or they are insufficiently greased.

  • Pitting corrosion.

Although aluminum does not rust like iron, some pitting corrosion can affect this metal too. Aluminum can corrode as dust and grime penetrate into the frame, locks or latches. Therefore, it is needed to check and service aluminum doors regularly to prevent aluminum damage and aluminum door replacement.

If you notice any of these common Issues with aluminium doors or some individual problem, contact our company for professional aluminum door repair. We are one of the leading companies which provide professional door services in Toronto and the greater Toronto Area. So no need to google “aluminum door fixing or replacement near me” and check all the companies – just give us a call and request a free quote. We are the reliable provider or door assistance near you.

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