Types Of Door Hinges: What You Need To Know To Choose The Best Suitable Option

Type of the metal door hinge.

The door hinge is a small and often invisible detail, but its value cannot be overestimated. There are various types of door hinges, which have their unique features, designs, and cases of use, but all of these have one common goal: ensure that your doors are held securely, thereby making them convenient and safe.

What Is Hinges And Why Do They Matter

As we can see, these little helpers are truly an important part of the door mechanism. So what is a hinge and why is it worth learning more about its features?

Hinges for doors represent a mechanism that holds the door in the right position and ensures its functionality, by being a fulcrum for both doors opening and closing.

That is why, when you are looking for door brackets you should take into account the differences between their types, to ensure safety and proper door mechanism operation.

Door Hinges Types: The Most Popular Ones

Door hinges come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to find the best suitable option for your particular type of door. Popular types of hinges include:

Butt Hinge

This one is essentially the main type of door hinge. They have a simple mechanism with built-in leaves in the door and frame, which provides easy doors opening and closing. Generally, butt hinges are most commonly used for lightweight doors in rooms inside a house.

Ball Bearing Hinge

Such door brackets are highly durable and can be used for a long time. Also, a ball bearing hinge reduces friction due to hidden bearings, which makes the movement of the door smoother. Generally, this type of door hinge is most often used for entrance doors.

Pivot Hinge

Another type of door hinge, however, this one has a different mechanism. Pivot hinges are attached to the bottom and top of the door, which makes it easy to open doors with one touch. Most often, such a type of bracket is used for the doors that lead to the kitchen. For example, pivot hinges are common in many cafes and restaurants.

Knife Hinge

In its design and mechanism, a knife hinge is similar to pivot hinges. However, this type of bracket is most often used not for doors, but cabinets. Also, one of its benefits is that it is almost invisible.

Cylinder Hinge

This is one of the concealed hinge types. These hinges are ideal for bi-fold or concertina doors, allowing them to open 180 degrees. The benefit of such hinges is that you won’t see them while the door is closed.

Piano Hinge

This type of hinge is typically used for pianos, hence the name. However, piano hinges have a wider application and are a great option for doors as well. This one is a long and continuous hinge, which is attached along the entire length of the door. Just like cylinder hinges, piano hinges are also great for bi-fold or concertina doors.

Concealed Hinge

It is one of the main and most common types of concealed hinges, which has been used for a long time already. Their main advantages are that they are invisible, have an aesthetic appearance, and are also safe, as they cannot tamper from the outside. Best of all, such hinges are suitable for modern doors, as well as furniture.

Offset Hinge

This one has more enhanced functionality. Due to its features, such a type of door hinges allows you to get additional space in the doorway since doors with such brackets can be moved a little bit away from the frame. Even though that distance is quite small, however, in many cases it can be useful, especially when you need to bring something large in or out of a room or house.

Heavy Duty Hinge

This type of door hinge has excellent stability and durability. Designed specifically for heavy doors, heavy-duty hinges are an ideal solution for entrance doors and gates, providing years of dependable performance and excellent functionality.

Strap Hinge

A strap hinge has a long and thin design. Most often, this type of hinge is used for gates, as it provides great performance over a long period. Besides that, strap hinges can also be used indoors as an additional element of decor.

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