Types Of Commercial Doors: Features & Purpose

Type of commercial glass door.

When we think about a building, most often, we imagine the object as a whole, but our perception of something is always based on details, even if we do not notice it. 

One such detail of the building is the doors that meet us and through which we come inside. However, there are various door types, and this is an important aspect. For example, house doors and commercial doors are quite different things. And here, businesses should pay special attention to picking the best option for commercial entrance doors.

The door that leads to you always makes the first impression on customers. If the door is old, untidy, has a nasty look, or looks inhospitable, it may affect the customer’s attitude, at least in their subconscious. Therefore, to make a business successful, attention must be paid not only to plans and goals but also to many small details, including the commercial entry door.

Commercial Door Types And Features

Since commercial doors have a wider list of requirements than home ones, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best option, especially when you have all kinds of doors available but do not have enough knowledge to pick one particular option. 

There are different types of doors, which can have their unique properties, structural features, material, purpose, etc. Let’s look at some of the main types of commercial doors that we can meet most often.

Types Of Doors For Commercial Buildings

Commercial door types typically differ based on their purpose and material.


Such commercial doors are best suited for installation inside offices and premises. The wooden door has an aesthetic appearance and creates a cozy ambiance. For its manufacture, lumber and veneer are often used. As external factors may damage it, in some cases, wood is not suitable enough to be a commercial exterior door.


Made of glass (full glass or fiberglass), this type of door is a good option for stores, offices, and various commercial buildings. This one provides excellent visibility from the inside and also attracts the attention of potential customers from the outside by displaying the interior. However, glass doors are a less secure option, which should be taken into account. In case when commercial glass door repair is required, you’ll need to call professionals.


Steel commercial doors provide both security and style. This type of door is great for indoors and also belongs to the popular types of exterior doors for commercial buildings. For the manufacture of such doors metal sheets and insulation are used, which makes them quite heavy.


Aluminum is a lighter material than steel. At the same time, commercial aluminum doors are also a great option in terms of safety and durability. Often such a door is installed inside the buildings. In addition, aluminum doors can be fitted with glass sections, which provides both a durable frame and excellent visibility.

Commercial Exterior Doors: Overhead, Scissor Gate, And Commercial Double Door

Types of doors for the exterior also vary in structure and purpose. Some of the popular commercial door options include:


This type of door provides high durability and safety. In appearance, overhead may resemble garage doors, but their purpose is different. Most often, such a door is used in warehouses and large commercial buildings.

Scissor Gate

This one is a gate that is a good option for commercial doors when it comes to security. That’s why we may often see scissor gates in banks, police stations, etc.


The commercial double door is another great option for exterior doors that provide extra space, security, convenience, and durability, making it one of the most popular types of entry doors.

Main Aspects When Choosing Doors

To make the search for suitable commercial doors smooth and easy, it is worth paying attention to such aspects as:


You always have to consider the budget. Door prices may vary based on many factors, such as their type, material, etc. The main task is to find a door that fits both your needs and your budget. At the same time, you should not save money on quality and also don’t buy a door that is too expensive for you, as in such a case, it would be preferable to wait for a better moment or find another option.


When looking for doors, you should pay attention to their features and materials. If you need an exterior door, make sure it is made of durable and resistant materials that can withstand different weather conditions. Also, when buying doors for inside rooms, it is worth excluding entries that may consist of flammable materials for safety reasons.


Both materials and type are important things, but the appearance of the doors is one of the key factors. To make a good impression on customers and create a cozy ambiance, the door should match both furnishing and style of the room, not stand out too much, but not get lost in the general background as well.

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