Top 6 Problems With Automatic Doors

Problems With Automatic Doors.

Common problems with commercial automatic doors and the small tips on troubleshooting. Diagnose the door issues and call the professionals for repair.

Common Problems Of Automatic Doors

Even though an automatic door mechanism is reliable and durable, problems with automatic doors can always arise due to a variety of factors, both external and mechanical. Some issues may be a simple task and you can solve it yourself, others may require calling a specialist. That’s why it’s always essential to carry out maintenance checks to avoid trouble at the most inopportune moment, which is especially true for commercial buildings.

Here is a list of the most common problems with automatic doors.

Motion Sensors Issues

Common Problems Of Automatic Doors.

Among the reasons why the doors don’t work properly, there can often be an issue with the sensors. This is very easy to notice as you may feel a time delay when opening or closing the doors.

The problem may occur because of automatic door damage (relevant for floor sensors due to wear and tear from the flow of people), or because the sensors get dirty. You can clean the sensors and perform regular maintenance to avoid similar issues in the future.

If the problem persists, the motion sensor may need to be replaced.

The Obstructions On The Pathway

Sometimes various small objects can get on the pathway, due to which the rollers cannot move smoothly. Carefully inspect the doorway for dirt, leaves, small stones, and other obstructions to find the problem.

Broken Rollers Or Belts

If you have checked everything, and there are both clean rollers and pathways with no obstructions found, but the door still does not work, there is a possibility of broken rollers or belts.

Automatic doors use a motorized belt system that runs on rollers. So, if you notice a problem with the sliding of the door, do not kick or hit the rollers or other automatic door openers, as they are sensitive. Call a professional instead, as these issues may often require replacement rollers and belts to be installed.

Problems With Motor

Another common issue is motor problems. As with any other mechanical device, the motor of an automatic door can wear out over time. This can lead to a noticeable slowdown in the operation of the doors or a complete stop.

Common Problems Of Automatic Doors-1.

Another problem that people may face is when the motor runs non-stop and wastes a lot of electricity. In this case, check the door switch and adjust the switch controls.

You can try to do it yourself or hire a professional team if you don’t know how to fix automatic doors.

Most motor issues can be prevented with timely maintenance.

Power Switched Off

Sometimes the problem can lie in the banalest thing. Automatic doors have an ON/OFF button, so if your door doesn’t work even after you’ve checked everything a few times, check the power switch. If it is turned off for some reason, turn the power on.

In addition, sometimes due to a power outage, the switch may not turn on by itself, so you may need to “reboot” it (press ON/OFF).

Remote Control Not Responding

Another commonplace issue that often arises is problems with remote control.

If you notice a flashing red light or your door is not responding well to pressing the remote’s buttons, you most likely need to replace the batteries. However, remember that poor-quality batteries can also slow down the door’s response (sometimes due to low quality or lack of power).

What To Do When The Automatic Doors Stuck Open

Problems With Automatic Doors.

If your automatic doors are stuck open and you’ve checked every possible cause, including the ones we’ve described, but still can’t get the door to operate, a professional diagnosis is likely required. Contact us and we will solve your problem as soon as possible!

Troubleshooting Automatic Doors

The best way to avoid trouble at the most inopportune moment is to solve problems before they become a problem. Therefore, do maintenance checks often.

If you notice something is wrong with your door, you can always give us a call and take advantage of our troubleshooting automatic doors service.

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