How to Choose the Right Steel Doors for Your Commercial Buildings

Choosing a door system for your commercial building may not seem like such a crucial decision until a break-in or an incident occurs. It’s important to invest in high-quality commercial steel doors in Toronto as a preventative measure. Don’t wait for something terrible to happen before you decide to upgrade to more advanced door hardware Toronto. Here are things you should know when shopping for high quality steel door systems for your project.

Hollow metal doors

Commercial doors come in all shapes and sizes. Even the metals used for different door hardware in Toronto vary in terms of type. Hollow metal doors are very widely used in commercial building projects mainly because they are affordable and perform well over long periods when maintained and used properly.

Galvanized steel doors for commercial buildings

When it comes to exterior doors, galvanized steel is an ideal option. Commercial buildings that use cold-rolled steel are prone to rusted door frames, but galvanized steel doors are highly resistant to rusting. This is because cold-rolled steel is designed and meant for interior applications as opposed to exterior installations, where it can be subject to harsher elements. Even a special coat of paint will not be able to prevent eventual rusting in these types of metal especially when the weather conditions in your location are too much for the material.

Galvanized steel doors, on the other hand, are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, providing you with a reliable door system that will not rust overtime.

Commercial steel doors

Commercial steel doors in Toronto is the best choice for commercial applications, because they offer superior endurance, security, and reliability, all while being low-maintenance. In terms of appearance, steel doors come in a wide variety of finishes and color combinations that make them ideal for most any kind of architectural design. Steel will not crack, shrink or warp unlike other door materials.

When it comes to energy efficiency, steel doors are also some of the most energy efficient types of doors for commercial and home use. They likewise come with weather seals that add to their energy efficiency. Steel doors are also a lot cheaper than other door options especially when you take into account their lifespan and cost of upkeep.

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