Handicap Door Operators

Entrances and Exits

Automatic door operators

Ontario Building Code (As Amended) Section
Any new buildings require that all public entrances must be accessible. If the building already has existed for some time at least half of the public entrances must be accessible. The ISA should be provided in the form of signage so everyone is aware of all potentially accessible entrances. The accessible entrance must connect the exterior accessible route with the interior accessible route.
A minimum of one door must be available at every exit and entrance and should be installed with an automatic operator. If you have two doors, then both doors require an automatic operator. Pushbuttons, key switches, and card readers shall be located in conformance with 3.5. Doors should remain open for at least five seconds and take at least three seconds to close completely.
Every exit from the ground level has to be accessible. Signage incorporating the International Symbol of Accessibility shall indicate the location of these exits.

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